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SAIF launches new end of life campaign

The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF) has launched a new book to help with end of life care.

Entitled ‘Five things to do before you die’, the booklet is for people to record their end of life wishes and highlight five areas for readers to consider.

The five things made note of are:

  • Make a will
  • Record your funeral wishes
  • Plan your future care and support
  • Ensure loved ones know if you are a registered organ donor.
  • Tell your loved ones your wishes

Terry Tennens, chief executive of SAIF, added: “SAIF independent funeral directors support families during the most difficult time of their life and provide a high quality and personal service to their local community.

“I am delighted that local members are going above and beyond by supporting our campaign to encourage people to start thinking about end of life planning. I hope this booklet we have produced will be of valuable help and a source of huge comfort to families.

The ‘Five things to do before you die booklet is available for free and it can be downloaded of life campaign

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