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New crematoria laws drafted

New rules for crematoria are currently being drafted following the baby ashes scandal, the government has said.

Families were previously denied their baby’s ashes and told there was nothing left for them to keep has sparked talks for new rules about what defines the word ‘remains’ and what rules should be in place.

Concerns about the operation of more than 30 crematoria led to the review, reports the BBC.

It comes after the BBC found at least 60 families did not get their child’s ashes at Emstrey Crematorium in Shropshire from 1996 to 2012.

The Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management says it is “the biggest and most important change to cremation law for 100 years”.

A new statutory definition of what constitutes “ashes” and “remains” will be introduced, the government said.

A group will also be set up to consider appointing a national inspector for crematoria.

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