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Ticket touts cash in on free Muhammad Ali memorial ceremony

Ticket touts have attempted to make money on Muhammad Ali’s funeral ceremony by selling free tickets for a profit.


The boxer passed away on June 3 after suffering a septic shock due to natural causes. Ali, who had legendary status around the world had won three world heavyweight titles and fought Parkinson’s disease for 30 years.

The funeral is to take place on Thursday and Friday in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. 14,000 free tickets were made available for the Muslim prayer service on Thursday and 15,000 tickets for the memorial service and funeral procession on Friday.

Tickets quickly ran out after around an hour, reports the Independent.

Ali’s family spokesperson, Bob Gunnel, said: “I’m personally disgusted and amazed that someone would try to profit off Muhammad Ali’s memorial service.

“Obviously it’s very disappointing that someone would try to turn a buck and make a dollar off of this solemn service to our great city hero and champion, Muhammad Ali.

“I haven’t discussed this with the family because they have enough to worry about right now, but I’m sure they would be extremely disappointed,” he said.

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