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Over 80 percent of people don’t have funeral arrangements in place

According to Compare Funeral Plans UK, who commissioned a Google Survey, most families lack in preparation when it comes to funerals.

The survey asked consumers “How important is it to you to know that your family wouldn’t be put under financial pressure if they had to pay for your funeral tomorrow?”

Of the 500 consumers polled, 279 responded and 33.7 percent said they hadn’t considered at all how their family would cope as well as 18.1 percent said that they have got a prepaid funeral plan in place.
14.8 percent stated that they were concerned enough that they would like to make immediate arrangements to protect their family, and providing the biggest concern, 33.4 percent stated that they were relying upon life insurance to provide family protection from the cost of their funeral. The results show that 81.9 percent of the people polled did not have arrangements in place to guarantee that their family are protected.

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