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Wrong woman buried by American funeral home (2)

Mabrie Memorial Mortuary in Houston, Texas, has issued an apology after burying the wrong woman. While attending the funeral of his mother, Edna Lawson, Bruce Lawson noticed alterations in her appearance.’I said, ‘It doesn’t look like my mum. Do you think maybe you have the wrong body?’ A staff member assured him this was the result of the embalming process, saying: ‘We don’t make those kind of mistakes.’


Several days later, Mr Lawson received a phone call from a mortuary employee. He learnt that a stranger had been laid to rest in his mother’s lot and was asked to return to identify Edna Lawson’s body. The funeral home exhumed the previous burial and offered to bury Edna Lawson in her assigned grave, alongside Bruce Lawson’s late father. Mabrie Memorial Mortuary also issued a statement saying:  “We deeply regret that the Lawson family had to endure this temporary delay in properly transitioning their loved one,”

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