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Brain Research UK is dedicated to funding world-class neurological research

Giving in memory is a special and meaningful way to remember a loved one

Brain Research UK is a leading national charity dedicated to funding world-class research into neurological conditions.  Our vision is a world where everyone with a neurological condition lives, better longer.

There are an estimated 11 million people in the UK living with a neurological condition. Neurological conditions include everything from sudden onset conditions such as stroke or traumatic brain injury; to progressive, degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease; and intermittent conditions such as epilepsy and headache disorders.

These conditions vary enormously in terms of the impact that they have on the lives of those affected. Some are rapidly fatal. Some cause a gradual decline in function. Some are chronic and debilitating. Together they cause around 140,000 deaths every year in the UK – one fifth of all deaths – and they are a leading cause of disability.  

When the brain changes, when it is struck by a tumour, an injury, or a disease, the consequences can be utterly devastating. The impact is not only felt in the lives of patients but by the families who love and support them through illness and treatments. 


We fund vital research, to better understand, improve diagnosis and treatments and work towards the prevention of brain conditions that still devastate too many lives. Research takes time and change will only happen as the result of hundreds of experiments, countless tests and re-tests, questioning and refining.  

Our current research priorities

We are currently focusing our research funding on three key areas: brain tumours; brain and spinal cord injury; headaches and facial pain. In each of these three areas, there is a large unmet patient need that is not reflected in current levels of research funding. 

Giving is memory is a meaningful way to remember a loved one

Although nothing can fill the heartache of losing someone, giving in memory of a loved one is a special way to celebrate their life while helping to change the lives of people affected by neurological conditions. We understand the importance of remembering someone special.

Setting up a tribute fund is a meaningful way to remember someone you love by sharing memories, music, pictures and thoughts, as well as, to light virtual candles. You can find out more about tribute giving and other ways of giving in memory at

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