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Current Affairs

Child funeral fees scrapped by Welsh Government

The Welsh Government have announced plans to scrap fees for children’s funerals. This follows a campaign led by Carolyn Harris MP who lost her own young son and found she was unable to afford to bury him. Carolyn was working as a dinner lady and barmaid when her eight year old Son Martin ...

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Memoria expands with NatWest funding


Crematorium operator, Memoria Ltd, has secured £20m of support from NatWest to fund its rapid expansion programme. The company currently operates eight crematoria across England and Wales; from Cardiff and Glamorgan in the west, to Waveney, Suffolk, in the east. Five of these have been opened since the beginning of ...

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Charity develops free smartphone app


Charity MBCOL has found an innovative new way to provide vital information and alerts on funerals within the Muslim community in Leicester and Leicestershire. Building on the success of the MBCOL SMS funeral alert system, MBCOL has developed and launched an app which is now available to download via Apple’s ...

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End of life drama wins national award

End of Life Care, Palliative

End of Life drama Homeward Bound won the Partnership Working award at the Patient Experience Network National Awards on March 21. Homeward Bound was written by Brian Daniels, and was commissioned in 2016 by the National Council for Palliative Care. The play and its accompanying learning materials have been supported by Pancreatic ...

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Funeral director wins Best Family Business award

Biz4Biz, the organisation that provides a coherent voice for businesses in Hertfordshire has announced the winners of the biz4Biz Awards 2017.  Funeral directors JJ Burgess & Sons were named ‘Best Family Business’. The award, which is sponsored by Richmond House Financial Services Limited, recognises a commercial organisation in which decision-making is influenced by ...

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House of Lords checks progress of end of life care commitment

A debate on Tuesday 14 March in the House of Lords will explore whether the 2016 National Commitment for End of Life Care is being implemented. Baroness Ilora Finlay, will use the Questions for Short Debate (QSD) procedure to: “ask Her Majesty’s Government how they intend to ensure that Clinical ...

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Flower pot at palace turns out to be a Roman coffin

  An ancient Roman sarcophagus, which had been used as a water feature and a flowerpot at Blenheim Palace for almost 200 years, has been fully restored and put on public display. The 1,700-year- old marble coffin was originally obtained by the 5th Duke of Marlborough sometime in the 19th ...

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Dignity shares take a dive

Dignity shares plummeted by 16.9 percent on Tuesday evening. The company claims this fall is due to a significant fall in the amount of deaths and an increase in competition may have played a part. The Board has said their expectations remain unchanged for 2017 and they expected a decline ...

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‘In Memory’ software increases Gift Aid Value by 80 percent finds Cloudberry

Funeral Directors

Cloudberry Funeral Management Solutions ‘InMemory’ donations management system is celebrating another year of significant increase in transactions. The cloud-based donation management system managed 19,349 individual donation entries via its funeral director partners from the January 1 2016 to December 31 2016. This is an increase of almost 20 percent based ...

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