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Inspired Goodbyes raises funds for children’s book

Helen Lawson and Sophia Lucop-Leech are appealing for support. The owners of Inspired Goodbyes have launched a Kickstarter fundraising page to support the illustration, design and publication of a new book about bereavement for children.

Helen and Sophia have only have 29 days to fund this project and rewards start from as little as £5. Helen said: “You can help us by sharing this link or by joining in and making a pledge.

“Together we can bring out a beautiful book that will help children understand their bereavement. We hope you can help us achieve this goal.” To pledge your support, simply click on the following link:

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Sara Cork
Sara Cork is the editor of Funeral Service Times. She has nearly eight years' experience in consumer and B2B titles. Feel free to drop her a line with any stories or feature ideas.

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