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Home / Latest News / Technology/Equipment / NAFD partners with app company to help funeral directors go mobile

NAFD partners with app company to help funeral directors go mobile

The National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) and official partner Appitized are working together to create apps for the funeral profession.

The app-developing company has already released more 50 funeral industry apps in conjunction with the NAFD, which typically feature to-do lists, a help and advice page, an obituary and map and directions to the funeral home.

Many funeral professionals are adopting this trend as a convenient and efficient way to plan a funeral directly with the assistance of their mobile device.

Andrew Meadwell, head of business development at Appitized, said: “Having worked in the funeral sector for many years, I believe the adoption of mobile to be one of the biggest steps forward the industry has made.

“Mobile needs to be a key part of the marketing mix for businesses today and Appitized are proud to be preferred suppliers of NAFD members.”


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