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Deceased Online adds military burial records from The National Archives

Deceased Online has added thousands of military burial records sourced from The National Archives. 

The records, which date back to 1756, comprise digital scans of burial registers for eight cemeteries including Aldershot Military Burial Ground in Surrey, Greenwich Royal Hospital and Chapel, London and Sheerness Dockyard Church, Kent.

The records are searchable by name, area and location through the normal search tools on the Deceased Online website, the UK national database website dedicated to burial and cremation records.

The Deceased Online website is used by amateurs and professionals worldwide, researching family history and those trying to locate lost relatives.  As well as records from major national bodies and archives, the website contains exclusive records from more than 120 local government authorities through the UK.

Historian Emma Jolly explains: “The death records of ancestors who died whilst serving in the armed forces can be difficult to find. Where service records and musters don’t survive, family historians are often unsure of where in the world their military relatives were buried.”

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