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Home / Latest News / Current Affairs / F P Gaunt & Sons Ltd celebrates 100 years at Percival House

F P Gaunt & Sons Ltd celebrates 100 years at Percival House

The end of last year saw family funeral directors F P Gaunt & Sons Ltd complete the refurbishment of Percival House, which consists of nine private chapels of rest, one of which is dedicated in memory of chairman Peter Gaunt’s late wife Ann, who passed away a few years ago after a long-term illness.


The funeral home also includes two arrangement offices and a family lounge; a mortuary with a state-of-the-art embalming theatre; garaging for its fleet of six aluminum jaguar hearses and limousines and three ambulances; and a coffin selection room.

F P Gaunt & Sons Ltd of Blackheath was founded in 1900 by Percy Gaunt. The business began as a carpenter, builder and funeral directors, and was run from the family home. The family tree goes back to 1549 when Rev Thomas Gaunt was vicar of St Giles Church, Rowley Regis, and St Leonard’s Church, Clent.

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